Island Hoppers Slots

Have you ever wanted to hop across beautiful Caribbean islands? Island Hoppers gives you this chance through the form of a fun slots journey that involves flying to various tropical locations.

This game offers more than the typical 3-reel slot in terms of atmosphere. But can Island Hoppers measure up to the best online slots? Let's take a look by reviewing Island Hoppers' graphics, game format, and special features.

Graphics and Atmosphere

The background of Island Hoppers is a map of a sea and various islands. You'll also see a plane at the bottom of the screen, which alludes to this game's aviation element.

WGS did a nice job with the background graphics. The visuals really set you up for a tropical aviation journey that goes beyond what the typical 3-reel slot offers.

Symbols include a mixture of unique and classic slots elements. Icons include pilot wings, planes, 7, triple BAR, double BAR, and single BAR. The pilot wings pay the most, offering 2,000 coins for three symbols.

Format and Betting

This is a true classic slot, featuring three reels and one payline. Therefore, you have nothing to adjust in terms of paylines.

You can change coin size from $0.01 to $10 and coins per line from 1-3. This makes for a minimum bet of one cent per spin and a max of $30.

Wagering three coins allows you to win the top credit prizes. Low rollers can play all three coins for just $0.03 and have an opportunity to win the highest payouts.

Island Hoppers Special Features

The worst thing about Island Hoppers is that it doesn't offer any special features or symbols. Many times, a 3-reel game will at least feature a wild icon. But Island Hopper doesn't even do this.

We really thing that think that this game could benefit from a cool second-screen bonus, such as one where you're flying to different islands. At the very least, it would be nice to see free spins or wild icon w/ a multiplier.

Island Hoppers Slots Is a Worthwhile Trip for Classic Slots Fans

We'll give Island Hoppers a pass on the lack of free spins or any other kind of bonus. Many classic slots are void of bonuses, although they normally at least feature a wild symbol.

The main reason to play Island Hoppers is the atmosphere. WGS has created a slot that really makes one feel like they're traveling across the Caribbean via plane.

Island Hoppers may not enthrall players who want stellar 3D graphics or extensive bonuses. But it will satisfy anybody who's looking for a classic slot with some flare.