Goblin's Gold Wild X Slots

Goblin's Gold is part of WGS' Wild X series, which features classic slots offering big multipliers. Goblin's Gold is no different, because it has large multipliers along with other special features.

This game also features a fun theme that revolves around helping these greedy goblins collect more gold. Keep reading as we discuss this 3-reel, 1-payline game along with everything it has to offer.

Head to the Caves and Help the Goblins Store Treasures

This slot has an interesting atmosphere that features a cave in the distant background and a green goblin at the bottom of the screen. Overall, the atmosphere definitely matches the theme.

Symbols include bags of gold, single BAR, double BAR, triple BAR, a lantern, Goblin Bonus, and a 3x Wild. The 3x Wild triples any payout when it appears in one time. This icon multiplies payouts 9x when appearing twice in a combination.

Goblin's Gold differs slightly from other Wild X games in that it doesn't have a second multiplier. Other Wild X slots that we've tried usually include a 5x or 10x Wild. Nevertheless, you can still form some very large payouts with the lone 3x Wild.

Goblin's Gold Wild X Slots Special Features - Auto Nudge & Bonus Round

This game has two features, including an Auto Nudge and bonus round. Some of the single, double, and triple BAR icons show an arrow either above or below them.

If there aren't any winning payouts when the reels stop spinning, all relevant BAR symbols will move in the direction of the arrow. This gives you an opportunity to form payouts even after what seems like a losing spin.

The Goblin Bonus icon is only available when you make a three-coin wager. You need to land the Goblin Bonus symbol in the third reel to start the Treasure Quest feature.

Treasure Quest involves clicking a button to determine how many spaces the goblin will travel. Here are the available prizes that you can win in this board game:

  • 2 tokens for traveling through Level 1 without landing on an Exit space.
  • 3 tokens for traveling through Level 2 without landing on an Exit space.
  • 4 tokens for traveling through Level 3 without landing on an Exit space.
  • Top prize (treasure) for making 50 total moves without landing on an Exit space.

Prizes are worth the numerical value of each successful move multiplied by the triggering coin size.

Betting Options

You can change your coin size from $0.01 to $5, and put 1-3 coins on each payline. This makes for a minimum bet of $0.01 per spin a max of $15.

Goblin's Gold also gives you the ability to use autoplay, which keeps the reels spinning automatically with your selected betting options.

Goblin's Gold Wild X Slots RTP

We can't find return to player (RTP) for Goblin's Gold. Most WGS games offer between 91% and 96% payback. The lower end is usually reserved for older WGS slots. Therefore, we estimate that Goblin's Gold has anywhere from 94% to 96% RTP.

Grab Some Gold of Your Own in Goblin's Gold Slots

We like most aspects of Golbin's Gold Wild X slots, including the atmosphere, symbols, and features. The bonus round is especially fun, because you play a board game until you land on an Exit space. Provided this never happens, then you can keep playing for quite awhile.

We also like that this slot includes other nice features like Auto Nudge and multipliers. The latter allows you to increase your payout by up to 9x with a 3x Wild icon.

The lone drawback to Goblin's Gold is the lack of publicly available RTP. Aside from this, though, Goblin's Gold Wild X is a fun slot that's worth playing at least a few times. It gains bonus points if you enjoy fantasy tales involving Goblins.