Farming Futures Slots

Many online slots revolve around farm animals. But Farming Futures is the first such games to feature 7 reels. This large number of reels offers numerous payout opportunities.

Keep reading to find out what else Farming Futures has going for it besides a unique setup. This review will cover Farming Futures' atmosphere, graphics, symbols, betting options, and return to player (RTP).

Head to the Barn for Some Big Payouts

This game uses a red barn for the backdrop, which doesn't create the most-unique atmosphere. And there's not much else to look at in the background besides the barn.

One thing that we commend WGS Technology for is avoiding the temptation to play some cheesy hee-haw music like many similar games. Instead, this game features standard slots music and sound effects.

Symbols include a farmer, horse, duck, cow, goat, and pig. The farmer pays the most at 2,500 coins for seven symbols. The horse pays the second most at 1,000 coins for seven icons.

Overall, we're not impressed by the atmosphere or graphics in Farming Futures. The symbols and background both look really muted and lack detail.

Farming Futures Doesn't Have Any Special Features

Perhaps the biggest drawback to Farming Futures is that it doesn't have a single special feature. This means no free spins, wild symbols, scatter icons, second-screen bonuses, or progressive jackpots.

We assume that WGS was more interested in making a unique 7-reel slot than anything at the time. This is likely the reason why they didn't put any extra work into the features.

7 Reels of Farm Fun

The best thing about Farming Futures is no doubt its 7 reels, which offer the opportunity to form payouts differently than a standard 3 or 5-reel slot. Very few slots in either online or land-based casinos have 7 reels. That said, you might want to try this game for its unique format alone.

Betting options include the ability to change paylines from 1-9, and coin size from $0.01 to $5.00. You can also use the autoplay feature to keep the real spinning automatically with your selected betting preferences.

Farming Futures RTP

We found multiple RTP figures for Farming Futures ranging from 92.4% to 93.91%. WGS must allow online casinos to order different payout percentages.

Regardless, both 92.4% and 93.91% are low. Most online slots these days offer at least 95% payback. You're essentially sacrificing your odds of winning just to play a 7-reel slot.

Farming Futures Isn't the Most Impressive Slot We've Seen - But It Does Have One Good Aspect

We're not overly excited about what Farming Futures offers in terms of graphics, atmosphere, symbols, special features, or RTP. In fact, this game is pretty much bare bones when compared to the average slot.

The primary reason to play Farming Futures is if you're interested in trying a game with 7 reels. If you haven't played a slot like this, we recommend giving Farming Futures a limited number of spins to see what it's like.

But beyond the 7-reel novelty, Farming Futures doesn't have enough to offer to give it repeat playing value.