Ultimate 10x Wild Slots

Ultimate 10x Wild looks like a standard, classic slot at first glance. But this game has some unique aspects that make it stand out from other classic games, including big multipliers and a progressive jackpot.

WGS has created Ultimate 10x Wild as a sequel to their Wild X game. If you've tried Wild X, then you'll be familiar with Ultimate 10x's concept. If not, then you'll definitely want to read this review.

Old Vegas Style Atmosphere and Symbols

This slot makes you feel like you're sitting in front of a slot machine at an old-style Vegas casino. You'll even see levers on the sides of the game along with a casino atmosphere in the background.

The top of the screen is decorated like the top case of a slot machine. You'll see the game title and with flames surrounding it.

Symbols include a bell, 7, BAR, 3x, and Ultimate 10x Wild. The 3x icon will triple your bet whenever it appears in a win. It pays 9x your payout when appearing twice in a combination.

The Ultimate 10x Wild multiplies your payouts by 10x when it appears once. This same icon multiplies your wins by 100x when it lands twice in a combination.

Assuming you land one 3x and one Ultimate 10x Wild in a payout, this win will be multiplied 30x. Also note that any winning combination formed entirely with a mix of 3x and 10x symbols will pay 7,500 coins for a one-credit bet, 15,000 coins for two credits, and 22,500 coins for three credits.

Progressive Jackpot worth up to $25,000

Ultimate 10x Wild offers a progressive jackpot that can be won randomly on any spin, regardless of what symbol combinations you land. Keep in mind that your chances of winning the jackpot increase as the prize miss towards $25k.

Betting Options

Betting options in this game include the ability to put 1-3 coins on the single payline, and changing your coin size from $0.01 to $5.00.

Ultimate 10x Wild also offers an autoplay feature that allows you to keep the real spinning with your preferred betting options for up to 500 rounds. This game even includes a Bet Max button that enables you to quickly use the max amount of coins.

Ultimate 10x Slots RTP & Volatility

We can't find return to player (RTP) information for Ultimate 10x. Most WGS slots have RTP ranging from 91% to 96%. Considering that this is a newer game, we assume that it has somewhere around 94% or 95% RTP.

Ultimate 10x Wild likely has high volatility when considering the progressive jackpot worth up to $25k, and large multipliers that go up to 100x.

Multiply Your Fun with Ultimate 10x Wild

This slot isn't for those who crave the top graphics and latest bonus features. But Ultimate 10x Wild is certainly good for anybody who appreciates huge payouts and a classic game.

You can multiply payouts anywhere from 3x to 100x, based upon what symbols you land in a win. The Ultimate 10x Wild is especially coveted due to its potential 100x multiplier.

We also like how you can hit a progressive jackpot worth up to $25,000. Remember that you have a better chance of hitting this payout as it increases.

The main downsides to Ultimate 10x Wild is that it doesn't have fancy 3D graphics or publicly available RTP. The latter is the biggest worry if you really want to know your chances of winning. But overall, we like the multiplier-crazy concept that this game brings to the table.